About us

About us

The French web entrepreneurs' fund

ISAI’s creation stems from a shared vision from a group of entrepreneurs who successfully created businesses in the IT, media, and mainly in the internet industry, to have their own professional and structured vehicle to manage direct investments in digital companies.

These entrepreneurs have indeed:
1 – access to a high quality dealflow
2 – a deep knowledge of the industry allowing them to select the most promising projects
3 – a strong experience in starting and developing new businesses, hence being valuable partners to support these projects.

On top of this funding by entrepreneurs, ISAI has benefited from the backing of institutional investors, which gives ISAI a significant investment (and re-investment) capacity in order to support its portfolio companies.

ISAI’s DNA is definitely entrepreneurial which means that:
- we know how to be flexible and responsive in order to match your situation and your needs;
- for us, financing and legal tools have to serve the development of the business and not be a constraint (we propose simple shareholder agreement, no ratchet,…);
- the dual (operational and financial) expertise of our team is here to support you on a consistent basis (strategic analysis, operational coaching, corporate matters, M&A transactions, …).