About us


Why an entrepreneurs' fund?

ISAI’s missions are multiple:

-  Promote entrepreneurship: ISAI gathers tens of entrepreneurs who are  convinced that determination, talent and energy can lead anyone to be proactive in his/her professional life, have a positive impact, be successful while contributing to the community;

-  Promote the take-off and success of new companies: through its financing and support, ISAI hopes to contribute to the development of promising, innovative SMEs positioned on attractive new markets. These new companies may play a significant role at an economical level (growth generation) and a social level (job creation);

-  Be a supportive partner:
ISAI’s entrepreneurs wish to share their personal experience, their professional knowledge, network and more. A support that goes well beyond pure financing.
Two funds to address the mains gaps in the financing needs of companies
Venture Capital
There is a real difficulty for companies to finance equity needs between 150k€ and 2m€ as these amounts are very often too big for business angels and too small for traditional institutional venture capital funds. Our venture capital fund is positioned to bring this “first million” required to have the business take off.

Tech Growth/LBO
On the other end of the development curve, our growth/LBO fund brings financing solutions (tickets between 5 and 30m€) to companies who have reached breakeven but need a new partner to reach the next level. Our fund brings the required amount to finance an acquisition, reorganise their shareholding structure or finance a new development.