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Our entrepreneur LPs

More than 200 Entrepreneurs as LPs

ISAI gathers more than 200 entrepreneurs that have been involved in the development of more than 100 digital companies. They have decided to invest time and money to support new digital companies.

Beyond just money, ISAI offers an access to the experience and expertise of  founders* or (ex-) managers* of the companies listed below.
  • believe
  • cahstore
  • converteam
  • fresh planet
  • hi-media
  • iscool
  • marcovasco
  • mouveo
  • netonomy
  • nomao
  • oxygem
  • photoweb
  • placemeter
  • pricematch
  • scality
  • talend
  • phone house
  • wineandco
None of the companies listed her have invested in any of the funds managed by ISAI Gestion. These logos do not mean there is any relationship between these companies and ISAI Gestion our the funds that ISAI manages. It just illustrates the fact that some of the founders, co-founders, managers or former managers of these companies have personally invested in the funds managed by ISAI Gestion.