Focus and investment criteria

Our growth/LBO fund invests in breakeven (or last round to profitability)/profitable companies (or where the ability to reach the break even point can be proven) generating sales between 5 and 100m€. 

We invest in private companies where the founders still have a significant part of the equity.

We can be minority or majority shareholders.

We focus 100 % on the digital sector including but not limited to: Intermediation platforms, Market places, E-commerce, Social web, SaaS software, E-marketing, Digital media, Digital communication, Mobile, Gaming, …

We can also back more traditional companies working on digital “intrapreneurial” initiatives with the potential to create meaningful value.
Investment capacity
Our 150 m€ Tech Growth/LBO  fund allows us to invest between 5 and 30m€.
We support companies for the long term and we consider ourselves as business partners rather than pure financial shareholders.