Strategy and positioning

Why and when work with us?

We act as lead or co-lead investor at some key moment in the financing history of your company and work to find the bespoke transaction that will really fit your needs :

Buy-out (LBO/OBO): you wish to sell a part of your ownership of the company to secure some of the value you have created, and/or you want to increase your share, and/or you want to give an opportunity to your management to get more involved in the capital of the company;

Growth capital:  You need to strengthen your equity for a new phase of development, i.e. launching new products, international expansion;

Build-up: You want to accelerate your development by taking over other companies showing good synergies with yours but can't finance it on your own;

Scale-up financing for tech companies: Your campany is not yet profitable but you need a last financing round to carry out your growth project ;

Reorganization of the shareholding structure: Some historical investors, business angels or funds, are looking for liquidity but an IPO or a trade sale are not feasible or attractive.