Core Strategy and Positioning

Why and when working with us ?

Our Venture Capital fund invests very early on in the development curve of companies, quite often after a business angel round. It leads or co-leads the first institutional round of financing.

However we invest in pure seed round financing only in projects that have already an existence whether in terms of turn over (even small) or in terms of traction on the metrics of use (traffic). We favour companies that require progressive funding according to development milestones.

Under certain circumstances, we may invest at an earlier stage (please see our "Seed Club" section) or as an active follower in foreign companies that have been founded by French entrepreneurs (please see our "International" section).

Investment capacity
Our 75m€ Venture Capital fund (FPCI ISAI VENTURE II) allows us to invest between 150k€ and 2m€ per company while keeping significant reinvestment capacities to take part to the next financing rounds.