Focus and investment criteria

Our Venture Capital fund is 100% focused on the internet sector. Only internet, nothing but internet!
For example one can mention the following area of interest:
-  AdTech
- Marketing Automation
- Mobile Apps
- Content/Video
- Cloud/Hosting
- Big Data
- Fintech
- Collaborative consumption
- Lead generation
- Marketplaces
- SaaS
- Social/Communication
- Travel/Listings/Search
- Others : Internet of Things, 3D printing, ... if mainly software (vs hardware) 

As a first institutional investor, our venture capital fund only invests when the following criteria are met :
-  The company is already incorporated and the founding team has already joined on a full time basis;
-  A first version of the product is already available;
-  It has already been launched, has signed its first customers and shows a significant number of users;
-  The business plan shows a realistic path to profitability in the medium term;
-  The business model is capital efficient and doesn’t require huge amouts of money to succeed
-  Equity invested by ISAI allows the company to reach the next stage in terms of market share/development