DataDome enables its customers to leverage their data capital by protecting their online assets against bot traffic, which is at the root of the main security threats to online activities: content and data theft, account takeover, marketing fraud, and denial of service attacks. DataDome’s proprietary SaaS technology detects and filters this bot traffic in order to protect websites and APIs.

The company maps thousands of bot operators, and offers tools for managing their activity in real time. This intelligent protection allows DataDome customers to regain control over their online content and data.

DataDome helps them leverage their data by enabling them to turn this illegitimate traffic into business opportunities. With the global market as its horizon, DataDome intends to participate in the effort to make the internet safer for users and for businesses, and to enable publishers to better leverage their data and content.

Fabien Grenier and Benjamin Fabre are DataDome’s cofounders.
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